Most of the images were produced using two special purpose panoramic cameras, a Linhof Technorama 617S III and a Widelux F8.

The Linhof Technorama 617S III is a medium format fixed lens panoramic camera and, as its name suggests, produces images 6cm x 17cm. Prints created from this larger format can still retain very fine detail in enlargements up to 2 metres wide.

The Widelux F8 panoramic camera uses standard 35mm film but achieves the panoramic format via a swing lens that scans the scene and produces a negative 24mm x 60mm. This allows only 21 exposures on a normal 36 exposure roll of film.
All images are professionally printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper, a super glossy print material of the highest quality.

Fuji Crystal Archive a polyester-based silver halide material, characterised by vivid colour reproduction, high image quality and a strong resistance to fading.

It is the highest quality photographic paper available in the world today, with independent tests showing Fuji Crystal Archive to last up to 70 years before showing signs of fading, more than 3 times the nearest competing paper.
Open edition and black & white images were previously printed on Kodak Professional Endura  paper however all images are now printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper.

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